Saturday, March 11, 2006

Around the edges....

Southern Village has no wall around it. It is not a so-called "gated" community.

Instead, anyone is free to come into Southern Village via the three vehicle entrances, and the several pedestrian paths.

There are a number of things that "we" need to address in Southern Village because we live here, are members of the homeowners' association, etc.

That is not, however, the only way that someone is linked to Southern Village. You don't have to live here.

You might attend or be a member of the church. Your kids might go to the day care center. Other kids might attend Scroggs school. You might come to the Lumina, eat at the restaurants and cafes, shop at Weaver Street Market, etc.

Each time I drive into the "main" entrance - the northern one on 15-501, I think it is very odd that there is a gap in the sidewalk between the new one on 15-501 and the beginning of sidewalk in Southern Village.

I think the same thing when I see us undertake no other efforts to recognize that the Southern Village community is a lot more than the homeowners' association. We ought make more of that opportunity, it seems to me.