Monday, June 06, 2011

Durham, NC - City of Medicine

Are we being urged to do the same thing by OWASA?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Welcome to Southern Village Market Street!

I thought I had signed up for their e-mails with "event details and specials" some time ago, but I don't recall getting one for the NC Symphony concert this evening. Had I gotten one, I might have walked up for a few minutes. Have just signed up again and perhaps that will resolve the problem for future events.

Freshman Leads UNC Past Maine 4-0 -

The "Park" again.....

I walked around Southern Community Park again yesterday at about 5:30 PM. There were a total of 6 people there.
We need to ask the Town for some sort of review of the utilization of the Park. Filling it up for a couple of hours or even half a day every 10 days or so for some of the year, does not seem to be as much of a success as we all hoped it would be.
What would it take to change this?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tharrington fire

Here is a description of what happened from the Town. I'd still like to find the time to ask the Fire Department for more details; far more important, to ask them for any lessons learned for the rest of us from the experts.

"Structure Fire, 107 Tharrington Place, Chapel Hill

Posted Date: 5/31/2011

At approximately 1:37 p.m. on Friday, May 27, 2011, the Chapel Hill Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 107 Tharrington Place. The fire occurred during a time when a severe thunderstorm was passing over the Chapel Hill area. A lightning strike was determined to be the cause of the fire.

Upon arrival, fire crews found heavy fire coming from the front gable of the two-story single family home. Firefighters worked through heavy rains and brought the fire under control in approximately 15 minutes.

Five fire companies from Chapel Hill and Orange County EMS responded to the fire. There were no reported injuries associated with the fire.

Damage is estimated at $175,000.

Please be aware that the summer months are approaching and severe thunderstorms are more prevalent during this season. We strongly encourage every household to have an emergency plan and be vigilant during severe weather."

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another reckless driver

I saw a white SUV-type vehicle exit Graylyn today heading up Aberdeen - about 5:50 PM. Driven by a blond woman with one hand on the steering wheel, the vehicle never came close to stopping at the stop sign. This, as I have mentioned earlier, is within only hundreds of feet of Scroggs school. It's a shame that so many people drive around here so recklessly.

Neighborship for Friendly Neighborhoods

Who is running this remains pretty unclear, but some may find it useful if they have time to burn. There is some sort of area inside that seems to try to focus on Southern Village and I leave it to others to sort it out.