Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Three People Charged With Armed Robbery - Chapel Hill" -

This alleged crime occurred within 3 miles of Southern Village.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Pedestrian killed on N.C. 54 Bypass" -

This is both very sad and very close to Southern Village. Given the number of pedestrians killed here in traffic accidents, we all need to be more careful, much more careful whether walking or behind the wheel. Anyone who drives around here while talking on a cellphone, for example, ought to stop. It's a stupid thing to do that endangers yourself and all those around you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Your house is worth more. How does it feel?" -

"Campaign Spotlight - Use the Muscles Between Your Ears, Gym Urges" -

This comes from an advertising agency in Durham. It's a message that O2 Fitness might want to consider using in reaching out to prospective members in and around Southern Village.

"New Model For Sprawling Malls: Cut Down On Cars" - NPR

Even Southern Village is far too focused on cars. I cringed when I heard and saw comments relating to the hotel issue that focused on Southern Village resident concerns over lost parking. Autos here ought to be for people who have physical impairments that limit their walking ability. All others should walk everywhere. If that happened, I bet we'd be talking about adding park benches instead of parking spaces.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Solar Tech South

It appears that the building opposite the southern entrance to Southern Village is finally occupied. Solar Tech South is the name on the front, and I just called their number - 919-960-6015.

Ed WITKIN, who answered the phone, said they are moving here from Main St in Carrboro.

Website is in process.

They hope to open in Feb.

We talked about opportunities for Ed to introduce Solar Tech to Southern Village. I mentioned the annual Southern Village HOA meeting in February, and he said they hoped to do some educational programs in their building once they are fully up and running.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lowes Foods

For those who shop at Lowes, I see that they say they are now open 24/7.

County Line Plaza

This is what has been proposed for the land that has been cleared at Smith Level and 15-501 by the owner, Lee-Moore Oil Company. As far as I know, no drug store or bank - or other retail - has been identified.

"Denser zoning coming" -

"Holly Springs development steams ahead in rocky economy" -

This story and this earlier one may be worth considering as we consider how best to improve the economic health of the community that includes Southern Village. DR BRYAN has been a major force in that community as well.

Where do they take the leaves and what does Chapel Hill do with them?

How does Chapel Hill dispose of the leaves that it collects from gutters, as it is doing in Southern Village this morning? Are they composted? Reused how?

Friday, December 05, 2008

Holiday Hours at places to eat at UNC

Tar Heal Café

Another within easy walking distance of Southern Village.

Friends Cafe : Health Sciences Library - UNC-Chapel Hill

A reasonable walk from Southern Village.....

Pazzo and other eating places -

It's interesting to see the feedback that appears here for the eating places in Chapel Hill. Starting with Pazzo!, here are the ratings (% positive):

Pazzo! 77%
Merlion 74%
Town Hall Grill 73%
Merritt's 72% (on South Columbia)
La Vita Dolce 72%
Weaver Street Market 66%

Jaluka is at 100% with only 3 people voting.

The new Subway does not pop up, and they either never had or deleted Citrus.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Trail by soccer field

Isn't getting to the point where we can accept the need for a paved trail around the soccer field so as to stop the erosion of the hill over which some number of people continue to walk?


It looks like two electric-powered aerators have been added to the pond across from the soccer field and another in the pond in front of Scroggs. Is that right? Did "we" consider solar power for them?

Daily Tar Heel box and other publications

We have only one Daily Tar Heel box in Southern Village, as far as I know. It is at the bus stop next to the Park and Ride lot beyond the church. Why don't they put one on Market Street, too? It's a very good newspaper serving a big part of our extended community.

"dufus" - whoever he or she may be - pointed out in the comment that there is a box with the others across from Weaver Street Market. Thanks to her/him for pointing that out.

I'll finish this list another time......

At the old Citrus, one may still be able to pick up the Independent.

At the bus stop for the Park and Ride lot, there is the Daily Tar Heel and the Carrboro Citizen, plus a couple of others.

Across from Weaver Street Market are these:

Daily Tar Heel
Carrboro Citizen
The New York Times
News & Observer
Southern Neighbor
[Will add the others]

Inside O2 Fitness are the Independent and I think Southern Neighbor as well.

Plum Spring Clinic building

The for lease sign seems to be gone at the building formerly occupied by the Plum Spring Clinic. Does that mean the space has been leased/sold? The Plum Spring Clinic signs have been taken down as well in the last couple of days.