Monday, November 29, 2010

"From Some Teachers, Excitement About Classroom Tech" -

Note Megan TABER from Culbreth Middle School.

"Kayin State" - Wikipedia

I saw a flag that I did not recognize on the fence in the Park next to teams playing soccer. I asked one of the people what it was and learned that it is - if I got it right - the flag of this state of Burma, as he called it. What an interesting group of people to find here, and it is really too bad more of us did not know about it. We could learn so much. The flag was raises, he said, because it was their New Year's.

Harrington Bank hung on a doorknob

I found a green door hanger from Harrington Bank on our front door over the weekend. It promotes an open house next month at the Bank's offices in Southern Village. I called today and told them that my view was that a bank ought to be as concerned as anyone about anything to do with security. By hanging these on the doors of people not at home for the day or away for days or more, I explained that potential intruders are able to learn a lot about which homes might be good targets. A nice fellow said he would be sure to pass on my comments, but said that the homeowners' association had said it was "ok".

From my perspective, this should never be ok.


From the Chapel Hill weekend police report....

"On 11/28/2010 at 2356, an accident occurred on US 15-501 at MARKET ST. Accident involving: Sandra Foley Woody"

That's the second accident I've noted there in recent weeks.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trail to be closed for bridge repair

There are signs next to the the two trail bridges north of Southern Village saying they will be closed starting 29 November for bridge repair.

I walked on the new trail under the 15-501 bridge all the way to the pasture off 54. Very nice! This will be a wonderful addition to the walkways in and around Southern Village.

Police report

"RESTRICTED VICTIM of Involuntary Commitment-non Criminal Detainment, at Glade St, Chapel Hill, NC, between 21:59, 11/23/2010 and 22:00, 11/23/2010. Reported: 11/23/2010."

Monday, November 22, 2010

"je-n-ai-pratiquement-plus-besoin-de-poubelle" - Le Monde

Why don't we have a week here - or a month or a year - when we collectively really work so much harder on producing less garbage?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Traffic calming

Note that this includes one or more proposed traffic "calming" installations in Southern Village.

"Glazed Expectations Ceramic Studio and Sculpture Class Studio, Chapel Hill, North Carolina"

Note that they have moved from just south of Southern Village.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Snap Fitness Now Open!" - Southern Village Homeowners Association

Where is the website for this new business?
Why is the Southern Village Homeowners Association promoting this and not other businesses? Why promote this and not cover anything to do with Obey Creek across the street (see below)? Something seems very wrong to me.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Obey Creek action by Town Council

This is from the e-mail sent out from the Town after last night's meeting:

"Update on Obey Creek Concept Plan: The Council received an update on the possible development process for Obey Creek, an area across 15-501 from Southern Village. The developer has not yet submitted applications for the proposed development, which would require both a special use permit and rezoning applications. The developer submitted a concept plan in May 2010 for Council review. A concept plan is a preliminary step toward preparation of a formal development plan and application. On Monday, Town Manager Roger Stancil provided information about the development agreement process. The Council requested additional information about other tools it can use in the review of the anticipated development proposal, including updating the Small Area Plan, a guide that addresses land use/zoning in this part of Chapel Hill, and the Comprehensive Plan, the town's long range policy document. This information will be brought back to the Council for future consideration. "

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Obey Creek - agenda item for 8 November 2010 meeting

Everyone who lives in Southern Village should read this, and follow the matter extremely closely. Some may wish to attend and speak at the Town Council meeting.

Here are the comments that I filed with the Town Clerk. I sent one comment and then supplemented it, so the supplement appears first below...

"I reflected on this yesterday and there are two more questions - possible concerns - that I wish to voice for the Obey Creek item on tonight’s agenda.

One is whether the deliberations envisioned between the staff and the applicant in the future will be “noticed” and open to public presence if not participation? I believe they should be.

Second is to ask for disclosure of all of the past meetings related to the latest proposal for Obey Creek (i.e., the proposal being advanced by Roger PERRY) with anyone representing the Town of Chapel Hill. That includes Council members and all staff. What was the subject of each meeting, what documents were introduced to each meeting, and what documents were produced as a result of each meeting?

My possible concern is that the way this has been proposed for the meeting tonight suggests that the Council and/or at least the staff have made preliminary judgments about the proposal. The public should know in some detail the process that led to this apparent result beyond the agenda item and its supporting memoranda which, on a quick review, do not seem to provide detailed information about the process between first arrival at the Town of the concept or proposal and the meeting tonight.

It is also striking, unless I missed it, that I did not see any mention of the very impressive and professional petition presented by Citizens for Responsible Growth (I believe that’s the name of the group) in September, other than a link to that meeting’s video. I watched that presentation on the Town’s website and I am now quite confused about when the Town listens to responsible citizens and when it listens to developers. The Mayor, at that September meeting, made a rather strange comment at the end of the presentations to the effect that the group of presenters were wasting their time and that they would have to return and do it all over again later. What concerns me is this apparent signal that the views of the developer are to be fully considered in the early phases of this review but not the views of responsible citizens. That is very troubling if correct.

Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2010 4:54 PM

To: ''

Subject: For the Council meeting 8 November 2010

I am a Chapel Hill resident but am overseas.

In reviewing the agenda for the Town Council meeting Monday evening, I see an item related to Obey Creek.

What I don’t see is any procedure that allows me to offer any comment from where I am. Where is that explained? Surely, the Council does not limit comment only to those who are in physical attendance?

My concern is the following, and I expect that you will figure out a way to put this before the Council. When I read this recommendation….

“2. That the Development Agreement outline identify:

a. Areas of the agreement that can be drafted by the applicant and the staff for
Council review and

b. Areas of the agreement that the Council could be interested in focusing additional
time and attention on negotiating with the applicant in an open and transparent
forum, using Carolina North as a model.”

….I am pleased to see the apparent public involvement in all aspects of 2.b. and extremely troubled to see no mention of any public comment opportunity with respect to 2.a. Why is this? Why should not any “areas of agreement” that wind up being drafted not be subject to an “open and transparent forum”? I don’t believe we delegated to staff or Council our opportunity to comment on any Town business, including this.

Furthermore, this assumes that there will be agreement on all matters. What is the basis for that assumption? I see nothing here that provides a procedure when the staff and the applicant disagree? What happens then? If you don’t expect that to happen, why not?

These are not just questions; I expect answers.
Thank you.

Obey Creek - Chapel Hill Town Council Business Meeting

Look in the video for the petition from Citizens for Responsible Growth.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Neighbors" -

I wonder if this has come to Southern Village? I must say that it is a hard swallow to think one's every move might be the subject of someone else's video camera! But maybe it is not so different than just taking a picture out one's window as we all do when there seems to be something notable to photograph like a snowstorm or an unusual visiting animal on the deck!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Police report

"Hess, Jonathan Morris (W M, 45) VICTIM of Vandalism / Damage To Property (willful) (C), at 604 Aberdeen Dr, Chapel Hill, NC, between 18:00, 10/31/2010 and 08:00, 11/01/2010. Reported: 11/01/2010."