Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Morgan Creek Greenway reviewed" - The Carrboro Citizen

This ought to be of great interest to anyone living in or near Southern Village. (Note also the "more local bank" mentioned in the story, I believe, is Harrington.)

"Harrington announces new site" - The Carrboro Citizen

I wonder if the half page ad on the same page of the Carrboro Citizen played any role in the inclusion of this limpid item about Harrington Bank? Where is the new site?

"When immigration and job creation collide" - The Carrboro Citizen

See item about Bill SOETERS from Southern Village.

"The Herald-Sun - Raccoon rabid lab determines"

Monday, March 15, 2010

" | iPod gets top marks"

" | Deer hunting in Club before"

"Town of Chapel Hill : News Releases : Chapel Hill-Carrboro-UNC to Apply for Google Fiber for Communities"

I wonder if Southern Village would be a part of this if the application is successful? More background here.

So, I checked with the Town of Chapel Hill e-mail address for the project, and had this exchange, resulting in "yes", Southern Village is included.

"Yes, that is correct.
From: Terry MAGUIRE []

Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 10:38 AM

To: Catherine Lazorko

Subject: RE: Geographical reach
Just so I am clear – the application at this point would include all of Southern Village? Thanks.
From: Catherine Lazorko []

Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 9:58 AM


Cc: Public Information

Subject: RE: Geographical reach
Ultimately that would be up to Google. We are applying for the area within the boundaries of Chapel Hill and Carrboro."

It might be worth imaging all that we want to be able to do, what we might do, how it would work, etc. either with the Google rollout or with an ehanced view of the goals outlined by the Federal Communications Commission this week. (For whatever it's worth, I am a former attorney/advisor at the FCC.)

Just how would Southern Village make use of more capability than it now has? What are the limitatoin on us doing more now? It seems to me that there is a big gap between what we could do today, and choose not to do, and the dreaming of unlikely futures that accompany campaigns like that fostered by Google.

If "it" already is built here and we have not "come", what makes us think that building something faster would make any difference?

Public schools

I wonderf what the percentage of kids is who live in Southern Village and attend the Chapel Hill-Carrboro public schools. Is it at the 95% or higher level?


There was a great scene on Aberdeen and Graylyn yesterday - competing lemonade stands only a couple of hundred feet apart! I did not explore whether the competition was over quality or price - or both....or neither!

"The Herald-Sun - The democracy of sidewalks"

Nice editorial!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Earth Machine"

This is the one I bought from Chatham County many years ago and have gotten excellent service from it.

"Clean Water Education Partnership"

A good resource for all of us in Southern Village and its environs.

Compost census?

Having watched the truck go down our street today collecting leaves, branches, etc. I could not help but think what a waste that is when composting works so well.

Perhaps it is time we did a "compost census" in Southern Village to see just how many people are earnestly composting?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Buying green, but not for the planet" - Marketplace From American Public Media

This makes a lot of sense, and should be factored into any "green" initiatives for Southern Village.

"Q. and A.: The Economics of Coffee Bars" - Diner's Journal Blog -

Anything here applicable to Southern Village?

We have a lot of places where one can buy a cup of coffee, no?

"Goowill drops Governors Village site" - Chapel Hill News

I'd like to know more about this, but what I read here worries me about a "not in my backyard" approach that is wholly inconsistent with how would look at this if the proposal were to come to Southern Village.

"Common Ground Green Building Center"

Monday, March 08, 2010

"SpotCrime - Know Your Neighborhood"

Apparently, this site provides a map of crime information for Chapel Hill, kept relatively up to date.

"SunGard Public Sector - Public Safety & Justice Software - OSSI Public Safety Solution"

Chapel Hill Police Lieutenant Kevin GUNTER told me today that Chapel Hill will be getting this capability in place - "police to citizen" - within the next year.

Winston-Salem and High Point are already using this.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Texting While Driving Creates Challenges For Law Enforcement"

A very comprehensive review....

"Injury Prevention" - American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

Note the strong common-sense recommendations here, including:

"Never text or use a hand-held cell phone while driving or motorcycling, and use caution even with headsets."

Status of development across 15-501?

Is anyone up-to-date on the project that may get started across 15-501 from the southern entrance to Southern Village? Kapkow and the developer of Meadowmont are or were the principal players, I think.

"Vernon Journal - Vernon, Vt., Finds Good Neighbor in Vermont Yankee Reactor" -

As the crow flies, how far are we from the nuclear power plant?

"Shifting Soil Is Threat to a House’s Foundation" -

I don't think this has been a problem here in Southern Village, or nearby, but I wonder how we find out for sure? New developments are at special risk, of course, but we may not be, and I surely hope so!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Symphony concert to fill summer sky" - Music -

This version of the story contains no reference to the Southern Village Homeowners' Association commitment of money. I wonder if the Association's board changed its mind, or whether the original story was incorrect -- or it just got left out of this version?

No Cell Phones While Driving Community?

Imagine signs around Southern Village that say:

"This is a No-Cell-Phones-While-Driving community."

Walking "trails" at UNC

In case you want to know how far you walk on the UNC campus, here is a helpful map with walking distances included.

"Starbucks opens Feb. 16" — Employee News - UNC School of Medicine

A nice healthy walk from Southern Village!

Weaver Street Market tip

Yesterday, I made a small purchase at Weaver Street Market and learned something new.

It seems that VISA charges WSM 50 cents for every transaction, including those for only a few dollars - IF you push the debit option with your VISA card. However, if you opt for credit, it is only a small percentage charge that is less than the 50 cents.

The rule of thumb, the WSM person told me, is that if using a VISA card for something under $15, go "credit". If over 15, use "debit".

Always nice to save a few cents for a highly valued Southern Village whenever we can!

"Bow-and-arrow hunt for deer causes hard feelings in NC gated community" - WTKR

Interesting issue confronting another Homeowners' Association nearby. How are our deer doing? I have not seen many lately. Perhaps they have moved to Governor's Club?

"Crime" -

If you want to follow crime reports relating to Chapel Hill (and you can zoom in to see only Southern Village or your own street), this is an excellent way to do so, courtesy of the Daily Tar Heel. The map seems to be a month out of date, but current reports for all of Chapel Hill appear as links below the map, organized by day. For example, yesterday there was a report of a "suspicious" vehicle in the Park and Ride lot at 1 AM.....

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"OWASA will change tap water disinfectant today" -

"When Georgia Banks Fail, Small Businesses Suffer" - NPR

Are we sure this can't happen here?

"Summer concert saved" - Chapel Hill News

The Chapel Hill News story from Sunday is now online.

Suds, paths and paint

Three things I noted today when out for a short walk.....

One, why does the water that flows into the stream from the pond - run-off - in front of Scroggs look like soapy discharge from a dirty wash load?

Two, isn't about time that we worked with Scroggs and the Town to put in a path around the pond instead of leaving it the way it is?

Three, why isn't the paint that I think was put on some of the roads for a recent running race disappearing? Did they use the right paint? How do we remove it?

Monday, March 01, 2010

"N.C. Go Green - Grow your green skills and find out how others are going green"

This may have some content on it from time to time that would be worthwhile for those of us in Southern Village and environs.

" - Move Your Money Project"

Harrington Bank in Southern Village appears on this list, but in order to find out what rating it got from this group, one needs to pay a fee. All we know is that Harrington got a B or better from this list.