Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 year assessment?

Southern Village has been around now for about 10 years. Could you imagine an evening - say at the Lumina - devoted a review of those 10 years, and some discussion of where we might like to see the community and its environs go in the next 10 years? This is not a Home Owners Association kind of event - but rather a "community" review of where we've been, where we are, and what we see in the future. People from Dogwood Acres, UNC, Carrboro, etc. would be invited to join us. Any interest?

Weekend evening bus to Chapel Hill?

Why not explore with the Chapel Hill Transit people the idea of providing one or two buses each Friday and Saturday night from Southern Village to downtown Chapel Hill? Leave at 6 or 7, return at 10 or 11. That would allow people of all ages to enjoy downtown, not worry about having a glass of wine or two with dinner, and eliminate the parking challenge. Worth pursuing?