Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hotel and apartments


I had thought no one was to keep a boat either in front of their house or in their driveway. If this is the case, I surely hope the homeowner on Graylyn near the end of Aberdeen will put her/his boat somewhere else!


I just sent this to the Chapel Hill Fire Department:

"We live at 143 Graylyn Drive in Chapel Hill. Tel is 919-960-4503.

Across the street from us, and about 3 houses closer to downtown, a neighbor whom we do not know has had one of those white P.O.D.s storage containers deposited on the street in front of the house.

Neighbors across the street – same side as us  - persist in parking on the street even with this unit in place.

I have no idea how long it is to be there, but I am virtually certain that an emergency vehicle could have difficulty passing between the storage P.O.D. and the cars on the other side of the street.

While this may result in no problem for anyone, I feel I should raise this with you because should there be an emergency, this could create a dangerous situation that none of us would like to encounter.

If I can track down the home owner, I will ask how soon it will be moved, and if not on Monday, I will contact the police as well.

We never know when an emergency could arise and they tend not to pay much attention to which day of the week it is!

Thanks for any action you may feel is warranted."

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Contact » Responsible Growth NC

Here is the message I just sent:
"I found your flyer on my mailbox, read it, and decided I would learn more about who you are. Here on your website, I find no names, nothing about who or what supports you, and therefore I have to question what may be a thoughtful, well-intended effort.
Am I missing something here that explains all that? If not, could you please provide this information? One specific question - why is it that I do not see any suggestion that interested people contact the developers - Roger and Ben PERRY - in addition to all of the other action items, etc. that you outline?